Event Bars

Bar Services for Events

There will be times when you have a great venue for a big party planned in a shed, a field, a festival or a garden party and you need bar catering.

At Aboyne Event Catering have been running outside bars for over 20 years; all of our staff are bar trained, with the required personal licenses and have the requisite insurances which covers all bar service catering.

Event Bars and Catering

The level of sophistication is determined by you – it may be wines, beers and soft drinks, to a full-blown champagne reception and cocktails. If you need cocktail bar catering the staff at our establishment are trained to create beautiful, classic cocktails for any occasion. Whether this is a wedding bar service or open bar catering, we can adapt to the needs of our customers.

Our bar stock is extensive and we endeavour to always have whatever you specifically request when we discuss your requirements for bar catering.

It can be plastics, glassware or crystal – you get to make the decision and we will adhere accordingly.

There are times when we design bars using beautiful pieces of wood balancing on whiskey barrels, work out of the back of our bar van in any outdoor location, run bespoke bars in situ at venues or out of our sturdy little marquee anywhere for outside bar services. 

“Modern drinks, modern service and old-fashioned prices. Nobody likes to feel ripped off.”

The bars can be any of the following, or a combination thereof;

  • Cash bar – guests buy their own drinks.
  • Free bar – Drinks are free to all the guests and a till is used discreetly so as to keep an accurate tally and the party organiser pays the bar bill by bank transfer later.
  • Cash bar after dinner only – this can happen when there is an event on, eg a wedding reception, the clients have brought their own reception drinks and dinner wines but require a cash bar later.
  • Free bar up to an allocated limit by the client then the guests pay cash.
  • Free bar for a limited time detailed by the client and then the guests pay cash.

Generally, there is no charge for the cash bar if the guest numbers are great enough (around 100 guests), taking into account other factors such as distance and other alcoholic beverages provided.

If you have an event you want to discuss, don’t hesitate to:

If you have an event you want to discuss, don’t hesitate to: