Our Food

Making your day special,
one bite at a time.

You will not find any set buffet menus or menu selectors on our website.

Each menu, for each event is developed following full consultation with you, our client. We offer creative advice and work with you to produce imaginative menus to make the most of the occasion, location, age and mix of guests and dietary requirements.


Your Catering Needs are our priority

Whatever your catering needs or desires are, we take pride in at the least meeting them and at best vastly exceeding them. 

In developing menus to the clients specification, we take account of seasonal availability , locality of the produce, provenance and healthy cooking. A wide range of imaginative vegetarian, vegan, gluten free and dairy free dishes have featured on our menus for many years and are always being developed along with other dishes for specific dietary needs.


Event Buffet and Food Menus for Children

When there are children at your event we can communicate directly with the parents to ensure the children get food that they will like, whether it’s a children’s party table, small portions of the adults meals or a special menu designed just for them.